In the Vineyard

When Audrey told me that her mom wanted photos of the grandkids dressed in a tux and beautiful, white flowy dresses in a backdrop that had a lot of greenery, I knew that the perfect place for this session would be in the Vineyard. It did not disappoint. Livermore is full of so much beauty. From the trails to the hills, and then finally all the incredible vines growing throughout the entire community. It is no surprise that we were able to find the perfect place that would bring this lucky family’s vision to life. I have been fortunate to be trusted to capture these kiddos each year, and I feel this session is my most favorite so far. Maybe it is the gorgeous colors of the leaves on the vines or the way the golden light comes through behind them. It could have been the fun attire mixed in with the softball vibes. All I know is that I was so anxious to get home and send Audrey her sneak peeks!

I will admit. I often feel nervous prior to sending over sneak peeks. Especially if I have never worked with a client before. Even when I feel confident in myself, my posing, my shooting, I still can’t help but have that nervous feeling every time I send a sneak peek. It’s always a nail-biter until I hear the good news from a client that they are “in love” with their session.

Now, let’s rewind a bit. I have known Audrey and her family for some time now. We first met on the Kindergarten playground. Our middle children met first. Then we were lucky enough to be back in the same classroom with our youngest daughters. In fact, Audrey and I both have three children, and all six of them went through the same Kinder classroom with the most amazing teacher a family could ask for. I am looking at you, Mrs. Gomes! That experience bonded us, and I began documenting her immediate and extended family over the last several years. They have all become so special to me, and I am so grateful for their trust and confidence in the work I do to preserve their memories.

A fun fact I feel compelled to share. I actually go back even further with Audrey’s family than the Kindergarten playground. This came as a surprise when we did our first big family session together, but I actually worked my very first job at the Sweet Tomatoes in Fremont with her brother Ben. It was a fun surprise putting together the connections once we realized it. I also went to High School with her sister-in-law, Sara! It felt as if our paths were all meant to meet together.

Moving forward, I want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the freezing time, creating memories, and putting together sessions for Audrey and her family. It always brings a smile to my face knowing that I have the ability to capture moments that will last forever. I am very new to blogging, and who knows if I am even doing this right. All I know is that the reason I chose to begin this business was not just because of my love for photography, but because I care about making others feel happy. This is how I am able to do that.


  1. An says:

    Simply beautiful! Any of these photos could be in a magazine.

  2. Tyler says:

    Beautifully expressed, and amazing photos. Well done!

  3. Marissa Mendez says:

    Megan, these are absolutely gorgeous. Sporty and sophisticated. I love the bubble gum and bat. Precious!!!

  4. Melissa Gallow says:

    Lovely Megan! Your so talented!

  5. Reneé Meyer says:

    These are all so amazing. You have so much talent. Can’t wait to have you capture some memories for us.

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