Love at First Sight

From the moment Sarah walked through the door while visiting me at work many, many years ago, Andres couldn’t stop looking in her direction. It was her eyes that had first captivated him. He was compelled, and I was not going to let her leave without mentioning it. One might even say that it was love at first sight. Now, before we talk about this love story, I would like to share with you some backstory.

Andres and I go way back. He is a couple of years older than me. We grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same schools. Our paths crossed and intertwined many times for many years. Andres became a friend. Always kind, always gracious, and always supportive even when I saw dark days. I always felt that even when I wasn’t making the best decisions for myself, he never made me feel judged. Always a smile on his face and a big hug to wrap around me.

Sarah and I have a different history. One where we both overcame an obstacle that worked as a wedge in our relationship until one day it didn’t. I have learned in life that there is nothing that can get in the way of a path that was meant to come together. Once we joined forces, there was no stopping us from building the friendship we have today. Sarah, I am not sure if you know this, but you helped pull me out of the deepest and darkest hole I have ever fallen into during my life. Without your love and shoulder to cry on, I am not sure if I ever would have been able to recover and become the strong individual I am today.

Fast forward to today. We live in the same community, our kids attend the same school, we have been on the same PTA committee (well, the yearbook for me), attend the same fundraisers, I mean could there be a better path for us to take? We were meant to be friends. We were meant to be allies. We were meant to be, and so were you and Andres. From that moment he walked over to you, I just knew that it was the beginning of a new chapter for both of you.

Seeing your family of five while being able to capture moments like these for you makes my heart happy. I love you all very much, and I am grateful to be a part of your journey in those moments when we get to see each other. If there is ever a time that you need me, just know I will be there. In the meantime, I hope to be able to continue freezing time for your family.




  1. Erica Behtash says:

    What a great shoot and story!

  2. Ralene says:

    Really nice story!

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